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We apply the latest technology in athletes foot and fungus problems

Athletes Foot And Fungus

These are caused by fungus that resides in the skin (tinea pedis) or nails (onychomycosis). This infection, if left untreated can blister and cause a break in the skin leaving you susceptible to a bacterial infection. In its early stages, the redness and itching can be treated with topical creams and liquids.
In more severe cases, oral medication is required. In the most severe cases nail removal, followed by oral and topical medication, more often then not can be used to treat this problem.

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Is produced by improper nail growth that makes the nail press the flesh and eventually penetrate it.
This can cause a painful inflammation and then produce an infection.

This problem is solved with a simple surgery performed under local anesthesia.

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Is a deformation in the bone (metatarsal) of the big toe which arises due to a weakness in the ligaments and joints causing them to get out of natural alignment and in many occasions is due to an inherited condition also.


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Is a rigid or flexible deformation of the joint or articulation of any toe, which causes the tendon to contract or shrink causing a curved or bent finger position. This deformity interferes in the use of shoes since the toe rubs on the inside of them and eventually produces a callus.

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Is an inflammation of the heel due to an extension or calcification of bone in the bottom of the heel. This calcification is produced by the body weight on the heel every time we take a step, causing the arch of the foot muscles to over-stretch and create the spur. This problem causes severe pain when standing up and is especially common in obese individuals or those who spend most of their time standing.

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