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These are caused by fungus that resides in the skin (tinea pedis) or nails (onychomycosis). This infection, if left untreated can blister and cause a break in the skin leaving you susceptible to a bacterial infection. In its early stages, the redness and itching can be treated with topical creams and liquids.
In more severe cases, oral medication is required. In the most severe cases nail removal, followed by oral and topical medication, more often then not can be used to treat this problem.

New Treatment For Fungus Toenails Onychomycosis

After years of testing, there are new oral medications that have been found to be both effective and safe. They are well-tolerated and extremely effective on chronic skin and nail fungal infections. It takes about 6-12 months for the nail to clear up. About 71% of patients are cured.


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